Discovering Viceregal Latin American Treasures

Pablo F. Amador Marrero, Alejandro Antuñano, Gonzalo Eguiguren Pazzi, Jaime Eguiguren, Cristina Esteras Martín, Sofía Fernández Lázaro, Concha García Sáiz, Jorge González Matarraz, Nuria Lázaro Milla, Yaiza A. Pérez Carracedo, Héctor San José, Dorie Reent, 2021

This book is an illustrated companion to the exhibition Discovering Viceregal Latin American Treasures, jointly presented by Jaime Eguiguren Art & Antiques and Colnaghi, being the fruit of years of work, research and investigation. This publication constitutes the culmination of a longstanding project, into which we have put all our energy and knowledge, with the purpose of making a significant contribution to the dissemination of viceregal art in all its astonishing wonder. Viceregal art is the result of the coming together of two relatively incompatible civilizations with different artistic models; on the one hand native American cultures, and on the other Western culture, predominately Spanish, who initially settled in great numbers, with the clear intention of homogenizing the native peoples through language and evangelization. Over the years, however, indigenous artforms developed, giving rise to an extraordinary phenomenon of cultural syncretism through the joining of two peoples. The attributions of the works of art we are presenting here are supported by formal studies with full-page images, enabling the reader to enjoy a surprisingly visual experience in which both art and beauty come together. This book is the fruit of a herculean effort, motivated by passion and love for New World art, perhaps somewhat side-lined over the centuries, but which is now attracting an increasing amount of interest from collectors and museums the world over. The works originating from the Viceregal Americas possess that exuberant magic so characteristic of the Latin American spirit.