Comment on Saint Martin and the Beggar of Alberto Velasco on El País (Cataluña)

The art historian Alberto Velasco analyzes an unpublished work by the Serra brothers and puts order to the work of the great artists of the Crown of Aragon at the end of the fourteenth century.


To study it, Velasco reviewed the hundred known documents about the Serra and all their works. And that has led him to make changes in the powers of many of them. In the case of the new painting, for him there is no doubt that it is "a collaborative work between Jaume and Pere Serra made between 1375 and 1385".


But the most surprising, and surely controversial, is that some of these painters brothers run out of work: "I think I killed a painter," says Velasco in reference to Francesc. The historiography has defended that a work from the Cathedral of Barcelona, which today is in a private collection in Madrid, is his from a document in which he is commissioned. And by comparison of style and technique, another five or six other works have been attributed to him. “But he did not paint it. Jaume began when Francesc died in 1362, as can be read in a document. And by domino effect, Francesc loses all his pictorial personality and runs out of works that happen to Jaume and his assistants. ”


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December 1, 2019